Why should you and I care

My heart is deeply moved yesterday!

My heart was deeply moved today!

For completely different reasons…

Yesterday at the church I am part time pastor at, we heard story after story of transformation and the miraculous move of God in peoples lives. Whether it be in Fredericton, Myanmar, Haiti or any nation it is still so refreshing. It never gets old! People pay attention because they have a genuine concern for others. We think that is the norm…but it isn’t, sadly!

This morning I had a lengthy conversation with a ministry leader in a nation we are seriously praying about being involved in. He shared the story of a little boy named Steven that was born with a club foot and missing one of his hands. Day after day he was on the street until one day he was picked up. His friends watched as their little friend was whisked away… by human traffickers. They didn’t force him into the sex trade but they made him work in forced labor. The only reason he was released after a few months was because he couldn’t work fast enough and he was rejected. He was not good enough and couldn’t make them enough money. Steven was a burden!

This ministry also told me about one of the little girls in their orphanage. When they found Anita she was just five years old. She was selling moonshine in order to earn money to have food to eat. If she didn’t sell the moonshine, the lady that took her in would not allow her to eat anything. It was survival for Anita. When the ministry workers found Anita she was already addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. The workers offered to take Anita to their orphanage but the lady said only if they paid her $300, as she already had an offer from the human traffickers, and she was ready to sell Anita. The workers took out a loan and paid the $300 so that Anita would have a safe place to live and grow. Today this little one is eight years old and she helps with the younger ones in this God centered caring environment. What a blessing!

When we view situations like these we can have one of three responses

  1. Get involved by giving of ourselves and our resources
  2. Not care at all
  3. Pretend it doesn’t exist and go on with our lives

Let me ask us all the question. If these were your kids or grandkids what would you do…

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1 Response to Why should you and I care

  1. Charline says:

    All I could say is WOW !!!!! Lord have Mercy !!! Use your people ( that’s each and everyone of us ) to reach out in whichever way you speak to our hearts. Let us make a difference for your Kingdom.

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