Hunger and Poverty Have Names

This morning I had a conversation with a person who has been a friend for a couple of years or so. We ended up talking about missions and the work we do in Haiti. The work we are going to be doing globally. What he understood, is that the reason we do what we do, is because we like mission trips and going places, sort of the adventure in everything.

This is NOT why we do missions. If I was looking for adventure I would take up rock climbing, or jump out of a plane. If I simply liked going places, there are so many more exciting places I could go that would be full of exciting times. BUT make no mistake I do love going where we go.

This is why I do missions! I love  Jesus, I love people! and I care about the orphaned children of the world! Here is why…

Within 48 hours of children aging out of orphanages, many of these kids are human trafficked. People prey on them and offer them safety and security but no intentions of doing that for them. Instead they pick them up, and begin to drug them and force them into the sex trade or bonded labor.

For those of us that have had the privilege of working with orphaned and at risk teens this is not acceptable. Once you know their names and know their stories you cannot just walk away and say it is ok. It is NOT OK! What drives me to go to work everyday and get up and talk with people about what we are doing is this: I want people to be aware of this problem and more than that know that they can also be part of the solution.

The best way to understand the problem is to see it for our own eyes. I may be against poverty but if I have never seen it up close and personal, I cant truly understand it! Let me share an example of this: A girl I know very well went on a mission trip to Haiti and stood face to face with kids who are starving. She came to me yesterday and said, how can we help the little boy and his brother. Now she understands more fully what hunger looks like. Hunger has a NAME!

Human Trafficking has a name! Their names are… and I am passionate about making sure that the orphans I come across have a much greater chance for success than if our paths never intersected! I want them to know they have value and that Jesus loves them greatly! I want them to be aware of the people around them that genuinely care for them and are there to protect them! I want them to have a place to live that doesn’t see them abandoned to the streets. This is something I am passionate about!


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