Faces in the crowd

Anyone that knows me knows this: I can’t stand going to malls or going shopping at all. But today our mission team had to grab a few things before heading to Haiti so I had to go to the Walmart here in Portland.

i knew I would be done shopping before everyone else, it took me about 10 minutes of the torture 😉 before I was finished. I went and sat at a counter that was near the exit of the store. What I saw was very telling I thought. I saw many many people leaving with carts full of things, but never saw anyone, except for one girl, leaving with a smile on their face. I could assume it was for the same reason I might have for not smiling in a store like this, but I expect it was because of something different.

i have a sense that in the middle,of the spending that was going in there was still an emptiness for some. I talked with a mom earlier this week in Fredericton that said “I know that five minutes after my kids open their presents that the same loneliness will still be there.” I thought of how many people were spending money they could not afford only for that few minutes of joy, only to be faced with their reality again.

Some might disagree with my next statement, ( I am ok with that) but I am going to guess I will see more joy and more smiles in Haiti than I saw in the faces of those today in Walmart. I expect to see more contentment there too.

i would say that my thoughts today were brought back to what really brings us true joy and happiness. Maybe it is things, but somehow I think and I hope it is based on much deeper things than a shopping cart full of stuff…

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