Broken things

imageWhat would the world look like if people genuinely cared for one another? My guess is that it would look much different indeed! We live in a broken world, we know this is true!

I could talk about a lot of different things. Maybe I could talk about how some people have so much more than others around the world and they seem to not care. Maybe it could be how people abuse others, especially those who are unable to defend or speak for themselves. Maybe it could be our neighbour across the street who is suffering and we think it is not our responsibility to care. What does caring actually look like? Is it enough to pray or must we do something more?

I was talking to a young mom recently in our city that a couple of months ago moved in order to have a better life for her two children. She thought it would be a better place, but it has turned out just the opposite. Her new neighbourhood is full of people dealing drugs and prostitution and she is overwhelmed. She wants better, but feels trapped. Who will care for her and help her to have a better life?

I recently had a conversation with a person who has struggled to understand how we have managed to get so far away from caring about others. She said to me that she doesn’t understand how in our churches (not all churches) we are taught to love God and give to our church, yet we often don’t hear much about the person who is starving to death, or the child that is forced into prostitution by those who could care less or the mom who struggles everyday to stay one step ahead of those who wish demise for her and her family?

This is not an indictment against the church at all. Why? Because we are the church! We the church need to care and make a difference! I wonder what it would look like if the body of Christ as a part of their love for mankind, put their time and resources to better use.

I read today of a donation to a church for $50,000 so that they could redo their basement. I wonder what that same 50,000 could do if it was invested into feeding of the starving or rescuing children from the hands of evil oppressors? I just wonder…

I know it sounds like judgement to think like this, I am trying not to be. I simply wonder where Jesus would have put those resources? Maybe He would say to fix the broken foundation, or maybe He would encourage us to look around and have compassion on a a broken world.


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