Saving lives, what does it mean to me?

When I went into ministry, when I heard the word “saved” it meant spiritually seeing ones life go from one of spiritual death to spiritual life and walking into a relationship with Christ. I know that it has even deeper meaning than that for many people.

The area of ministry that we have now walked into is making the word “saved” take on a much broader perspective. These include:

Saved from starvation…when you see children who have nothing to eat and you know they will die without food and water, they need to be saved. Through the feeding of children through our orphan care program we are providing the basics for 100 plus children every week.

Saved from death by sickness… Many children lack the basic medical necessities of being able to go to a doctor or get the help they so desperately need. On our last trip we were able to “save” two children from imminent death for the cost of only $139. This provided for a doctors visit, examination, X-rays, medication, hospital stay and travel to and from hospital.

Saved from abandonment… We meet children daily who have no one to look out for them and provide the basic needs of a child from a human perspective. Children whose parents have died or felt they could not any longer provide for their children. We have met children whose parents have walked away and left them to fend for themselves. We don’t want them to be alone and isolated.

Saved from human traffickers…these children are preyed on by some of the most vile people on the planet. As we identify those who are so vulnerable and have no one to defend them, we come alongside of them to protect them. It is so hard for those most vulnerable to be able to know who to trust. By educating them and providing safe places for them to live is saving them.

Saved from a hopeless future… By providing a place for children to become educated and learn skills, learn the social and practical skills, Allowing them to dream about their future and help them to achieve these goals provides such hope.

Many of these things are not on our radar in North America. We don’t have to think about them. They don’t enter our worldview.

God please save us and help us to be less complacent about these issues. I know your son Jesus died to save people from their sins, but I also believe that you want your children wherever they are to be saved in so many other ways. I know I do not have the power to save anyone spiritually, only God can do that. I do know that with God’s power and his leading that we can all be active in saving people!

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