Incredible timing of God

We caught a flight out of Port au Prince yesterday, that is true, how it happened is in my mind a miracle!

We had a scheduled flight out of PAP at 3:05. Along the way we had a number of things happened as we headed to the airport. When we left Gressier we were later than we had planned and were somewhat rushed for time. Just before we reached Carrefour which is the city between PAP and Gressier, we had a flat tire. It took close to 25 minutes to get it fixed and then we were back on the road for the airport.

We quickly jumped out of the vehicle and headed inside the airport. When we got inside there was a huge line for Air Canada. The line was not moving and clearly we did not know anyone else. The guys in front of us began to chat and we discovered that they were on their way home after a quick three day trip. They talked about their housing in Haiti and one guy talked about his background in flying air crafts and growing up around planes.

We chatted for about 20 minutes and then there was a lot of commotion in the line. No one knew what was happening so our new friend Peter moved up to hear what was being said. Word was trickling back that the flight had been cancelled, not delayed but cancelled until tomorrow. That left an entire group of at least 100 people with no place to go.

Peter thought for a few minutes and said that his buddy who was also named Scott had to get home that day as he had an important job interview which was today.  Peter had also told us if we were stuck in PAP until the next day that he would try and see if they could have us stay at the mission house he had been at. Peter headed off to find out about getting his friend a ticket out right away with any airlines but he said he would come back and let us know if  he could get anything for Scott. He returned after about 10 minutes saying that he found a cheap flight for Scott into Toronto and that he had decided to jump on it too.

i asked him if he thought there were other seats available on the flight and he wasn’t sure. I literally ran with Peter to where they were printing out the tickets for them. I inquired if they had two more seats and they said they only had two left. I said that we would take them both. Peter and Scott headed off to go through security and immigration and we said see you on the flight. 

Now the lady is processing our tickets and tells me that there is a problem. Apparently on my VISA there is a restriction that prohibits the card from being used in certain countries including Haiti. In other words I can’t purchase the flights. I tell the lady to wait and I take off running to security. The guys are all the way through the line and are at the last possible place before immigration. I ask the security guy to let me go see them and he is resistant but I tell him that it is very important. He let’s me through and I catch Peter at literally the last second and tell him what is happening and ask him to purchase the new tickets for me. He says yes and goes all the way back out and we run to the counter and he pays for our tickets. We then rush to get back to security to catch the flight which we do with about two minutes to spare.

Here is the miracle in all of this. If we left on time from Gressier, didn’t have a flat tire that took extra time to fix, didn’t arrive at just the right time to put us in line right behind Peter and Scott and hadn’t had that conversation about missions then we would have never met them and had this happen!

We spent the rest of the day with them as we traveled through Miami and into Toronto last night. We had the most incredible conversations  and met two new friends who love Haiti and God the same way we do!


it was a miracle!

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2 Responses to Incredible timing of God

  1. Sandra Worden says:

    A miracle for sure. Another proof of God’s heart of love for Haiti and how He provides for and protects those who He sends there.

  2. Pretty powerful story. 😉 Thanks for sharing.

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