Lifting burdens…weights removed!


Yesterday I went to the gym to work out a bit, hopefully lose some weight and get in better shape. I watched as people all around me were lifting weights way beyond what I could lift. I was ok with that, because I knew they were lifting what they could handle!

But what happens when life is more than we can handle. Who will help us? In scripture Jesus tells us to cast all our burdens, weights on Him and that He would carry them. That’s good news for those who know Him! But what about for those that don’t.

After the workout 5 of us guys met in another room for a Bible study. Every guy there was huge, but not me! It was certainly the worst in shape of these guys. As we talked one of the guys began to share about his life and the huge burdens he was carrying. After sharing scripture, testimony and prayer together one of this man gave His heart to Christ and had his burden lifted off of Him. He has started a new life with Christ! He said it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of him.

Again this morning we were made known of a burden being lifted. The mom of the twin girls in Haiti said that since she learned about her daughters having sponsors for school and tutoring that a huge burden had been lifted off of her. I love that picture! The love of a mom!

Finally this afternoon we were able to supply furniture for a family in our city. They have been struggling for a couple of years now since tragedy struck their family and were overwhelmed, weighed down with a heavy burden. The burden was lifted as hope was restored.

In all three situations we are, have been and will in the future, give Glory to God for lifting burdens in peoples lives.
The fact that He allows us to be used is always so incredible to me! We do it for His glory, not for ours. I can’t lift burdens! I am really not that good at it!

So when I return to the gym, I think I will need a spotter to help me lift the weights. Let’s look for ways to be spotters for others too!

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