Desperation can be altered

I received a Facebook message from our missionaries in Haiti to get ahold of them ASAP. it was urgent because of a situation they encountered today. Chris and Jo met an 11 and 13 year old that need immediate help! Let me share a bit about them.

Marie France L’Herisson is 13 and in grade 2 and is not attending school.


Wilson L’Herisson is 11 years old, in grade 1 but not in school either.


This is why we are being their voice and putting their need on the blog:

Marie France and Wilson are very malnourished. They live with mom, dad is deceased. They also live with their 21 yr old sister who just had a baby . Their house is in desperate shape. They lack proper clothing. They are in crisis as they do not have food to eat, eating only occasionally.

We are looking for two sponsors potentially for $35/month or one sponsor for the siblings for $70/month. Our staff will ensure these children are provided for including seeking enrolment in school!

Please consider how you could change their lives. As always, these are children our ministry personally work with and you can go and visit them and have regular updates! We desire to love them and show them Jesus through meeting the physical and spiritual needs!

On behalf of Wilson and Marie France, we say thank you!

You can contact Scott, director and founder of Boaz Ministries via email at He will give you all the details needed on sponsorship.

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