Why I love Monday nights…

I was upstairs at the community center where we serve our meals on Monday nights. While I was interacting with the volunteers and the teens/kids, one of the girls asked me if she could ask me a question.
Here’s how the conversation went:
Girl: Do you have children?
Me: Yes
Girl: Do you have girls?
Me: Yes, twins!
Girl: Are your girls older?
Me: Yes they are
Girl: Good! Do you think they would have clothes that would fit me because I don’t have many clothes?
Me: Well my girls are quite a bit older than you but I will help you to get clothes that fit you.
Girl: Really, when could you get them for me?
Me: I am going to try for Wednesday!
Girl: Ok that would make my mom really happy because she is really worried about this.
Me: Do you have shoes and boots for winter?
Girl: No (with a sad face)
Me: What size shoes do you wear?
Girl: I don’t know because the shoes I have don’t fit me, they are too big!
Me: I am going to get you new shoes and boots!
Girl: Thank you so much, I am going to tell my mom, that will make her really happy. Thank you so much!

She is 10 years old and in grade 4.

The community leader talked about how great it is that the kids know they can talk to me/us and feel comfortable enough to tell us what they need.

It was a good night!

If you would like to help with this need, let me know! We always want to include others in being a blessing! If not we will gladly provide for this!


Boazlighthouse@ gmail.com is how to reach us via email!

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