Many of you know that Boaz Ministries has purchased land in Haiti. Many of you know we have a sponsorship program now in place in Haiti. Many of you know we have missionaries in Haiti that live by faith. Most people don’t know what we are working towards in Dominican Republic. I thought it was time for a quick update!

Haiti land purchase:
We have now raised a little over $50,000 towards the land that we are going to be building 40 homes on. These 40 homes will allow us to provide housing for teens aging out of orphanages at age 16. Many of these kids will be human trafficked within 48 hours of leaving the safety of their orphanage. We are going to make a difference and have an impact combatting human trafficking. The $50,000 puts us at 31.3% of our goal. We still need to raise a little less than $110,000. We have to have our first home opened up on the land by Oct 2016 so we now have 2 years to get things accomplished. Time is ticking away quickly, but God is faithful!

Haiti sponsorship program:
We launched our sponsorship program just three weeks ago. We have had nine children/teens be the recipients of friends around the globe investing in them. All the kids have been enrolled, or are in process of being enrolled in school. They have tutors working with them regularly, uniforms for school and food to eat when they are being tutored. For just $35/ month you can change a child’s life. Right now we have two girls age 11 and 13 waiting for sponsors.


The Orlesky family, Boaz Haitian Missionaries:
Chris and Jo Anne and their family moved to Haiti in February 2014. The main focus of their ministry is in the area of Grande Anse a small community within the town of Gressier. It is in this community that they pour into teens, children and families in need of encouragement and Christ’s love. Their hearts for the Haitian people are huge! They also work directly with our Haitian staff and volunteers to identify children and teens in need of an extra boost by enrolling these kids in our sponsorship program.
The Orleskys have also stepped in to be “foster parents” to two little boys age 4 and 7 months. They raise their own support to be faith missionaries. They are at about 83% of their needed monthly support. I know that they would love to have you join their monthly support team and ensure they can do their ministry which they are called to in Haiti.
As the founder and director of Boaz Ministries I can say I love their humble servants hearts. They live a very simple and welcoming life in not always easy circumstances. I encourage you to pour into their vital ministry!

Dominican Republic:
Our vision is to come alongside teen girls and provide a safe place for them to live. We are specifically focused on abandoned teens or orphaned teens who are at huge risk of human trafficking or have already been victims of this travesty. Our first step, which we have already taken, is to provide a home where the girls have a chance to finish their education. Presently we have one girl that we have provided that home for and it is just the beginning! The cost for us to begin this ministry is $500/month.

Tomorrow I will give an update on our local ministry!

If you can invest in any of these important ministry places, please let us know. Contact us at boazlighthouse@gmail.com. All donations are tax deductible.

Maybe you feel you can’t contribute anything financially, I would ask you to think about the talents you have and how you could use them to make a difference. Maybe it is a fundraiser or sharing this blog with others. I don’t know what is best for you, but I know we need your partnership!

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