What’s in my heart!

I hardly know how to express what is in my heart right now. It is full of hope and joy. I believe that God is moving in a powerful way, I can see it and feel it by faith! It is one of great expectancy!

I talked to one of our YWAM missionary students today and she talked about the healing God has done in her life. You could see it on her face, overwhelming joy! God as she said, ” changed my life last week”.

I spent time in Newfoundland on Thursday and Friday and what I saw was huge potential to change a city and province. What will it take, as my friend Brent Ingersoll says, ” we need to be in awe of His glory” and when we are, we begin to understand His passion for those who don’t know Him!

I think of our local outreach sites and the favor we have as we see people though his eyes. I see hearts being tenderly opened by Him! I get so excited to see what He is doing! My heart overflows!

I love hearing the reports from our missionaries in Haiti as they share their great joy seeing hope being brought into people lives. Here is a quote from JoAnne in Haiti as they delivered school books and shoes to the children

oh my word, words cannot express the joy she had when she got her school supplies and backpack. The one time I didn’t have my phone to take a picture but maybe it was a special moment for me. These two kids, it amazes me how I have never seen them before until the one day we drive up and they are the first ones to catch my eyes. Even mom, I have fallen in love with her. She is just so thankful for everything that is happening and loves on us. On Monday Chris or I are going to deliver breakfast to them and takes pic before they go to school. We are going to try to get the other kids as well.

I have great hope also that we will continue to find sponsors for our kids in Haiti awaiting sponsorship. I know that God is raising up people just like you and I to change their lives and point them directly to Christ. Right now we have four teens, two boys and two girls that need our help. I know my God won’t let them be defeated!

That’s just a portion of what is overflowing inside my heart! I can hardly contain it!

What’s going on inside your heart?


Abellard Charles is 14 and has completed grade 7. He would love a sponsor so he can go to school and have a tutor and fulfil his dreams. For just $35 a month you can make this a reality!

Email me at boazlighthouse@gmail.com and tell me what’s on your heart? I would love to hear from you!

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