Favorite food is?

What is you favorite food to eat? For each of us it is something different. If you ask a teen it might be pizza or a burger. If it is young adult maybe it is chicken wings or a pasta salad. If it’s someone my age maybe we just want something that won’t break our teeth, that’s a joke. Laugh here!

If you are a baby you are going to crave milk and baby food. Crave is a word that implies something that you have to have or else you are not going to be happy. Picture a baby being denied food and milk and how desperate they will become.

We are taught in God’s word to crave Him and His Word! Why? because when we do that we will grow up in our salvation! Can you imagine denying a baby milk and food, if we did the child would not grow properly! We won’t grow properly as believers if we do not crave His Word too!

As I write this, I am reminded that many people do not have the physical food to grow either. I know that a number of the folks we work with in this city and to a much greater degree many of those we work alongside of in Haiti and Dominican Republic do not have this basic need met.

I can say with complete confidence that God does not want us to deny His Word which is our spiritual food. At the same time, He does not want us to deny our brothers and sisters around the world who do not have physical food. I know because I read that in his Word.

Would you help us as we provide both spiritual and physical food through Boaz Ministries. We have great needs to be met as we serve people who need to have life and be fed. We want people to see and know that they have tasted and that the Lord is good!

As you eat your food today, if you are able to do that, be thankful and ask God what you can do to help others who need to be fed. If you are interested in helping in a tangible way let us know. We have families that would love to have food to eat, whether it is spiritual or physical! Often times we need to meet the physical first!

2Like newborn babies, you must crave pure spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation. Cry out for this nourishment, 3now that you have had a taste of the Lord’s kindness.


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