Why Saturday matters

Saturdays are a big day in Canada for many. Often it represents a break from work and a time to focus on some things we maybe have wanted to do during the week. For others it might be the day they go to a sporting event or go grocery shopping. Maybe if you like sports you watch your favorite college football team, Alabama Crimson Tide or hockey team, Boston Bruins!

Saturday is really important to us for a couple of reasons. One, it is the day we deliver food to local families that are in need of some added food. It is great to be able to make a tangible difference. Our distribution program is made possible by volunteers and much needed donations from local business.

Another reason Saturday is a big day for us is our program in Haiti, which we are blessed to be a part of. Over 100 amazing teens and kids come to a community area and do activities, are taught Gods Word and have a meal together. For many of these kids, this meal is crucial, as many times their parents are simply unable to provide a solid meal. Unfortunately there are no businesses able to donate food.

Every second Saturday, Boaz Ministries provides the food for this ministry and the other weeks the leaders in the community provide the necessary food. The cost for this is approximately $100/ week. The kids are well fed and it brings much joy to them and their families. What a great investment!

Maybe you have interest in sponsoring a week! We would love to have 26 sponsors step up who would invest $100 once a year. That is just .27 cents a day. Could you imagine that for just a little more than a quarter a day that you could change 100 kids lives! That is a great investment!

In this community we have met so many wonderful families. We are blessed to serve them. Here is a look at one of their homes and you can see why they could use a little help.

Readers, I hope you have a great Saturday and weekend! God bless you all and thank you for your prayers and generous support!


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