Intentional, accidental or not at all

I have been reflecting a lot lately on what it means to be a Christian. To be identified with Christ as a Christian means that we are followers of Christ. In order to be a follower of Christ, we must imitate him. If we are imitating Christ as we are called to be doing in scripture, we are disciples of His. If we are His disciples then by definition of what a disciple does, is make new disciples.

What does this mean? It means if we are Christians our life needs to reflect Christ and we are intentionally discipling others.

I think one of the questions we need to be asking ourselves as believers in Christ is how many non Christians do I spend with? Are we intentionally spending time with those that don’t know Christ? Is it easier and safer to be surrounded by other believers at the expense of not being available to build relationships outside of our other brothers and sisters?

Six years ago I had a 20 year old girl stop into my office when I was pastoring downtown. She came in off the street and asked if I would tell her about Jesus. I was able to tell her about Christ and answered her questions. She gave her life to Christ and six years later was ordained as a pastor in the Baptist church.

I share this story because I know God can work in many ways! however I believe the days of having people walk up to our church doors without any relationship are rare. It is even rarer to have someone drop into a church, ask to talk to a pastor and give their heart to Christ. Extremely rare!

What must we do then? We have to intentionally build relationships with unbelievers. Why? Not because they are a project but because we know that the power of Jesus has changed our lives and that when they encounter the love of Jesus and the witness of the Holy Spirit they will have life too! Real life!

So my challenge to all of us as believers is, are we modelling Christ by being a discipler of new believers? Are we actively and intentionally spending time with non Christians? If the answer is yes, Praise The Lord! If the answer is no, we need to change the way we do things as followers of the King of Kings!


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