Making stuff up, spreading lies

Have you ever heard a story being told to you and you just have to shake your head and say, “where did this come from, what kind of lies are these?” I think everyone in life has had those times where you hear information and you know that what your being told, is nothing more than manufactured and made up manipulation?

I have been there and Nehemiah was too. When we read the account in Nehemiah 6:1-10 we see again that the trouble makers are at work. This time they send a message to Nehemiah asking him to come and meet them. Nehemiah knew what they were up to. Nothing good!

Nehemiah’s response was, I have no time for this nonsense. Four times they invited him to ” their argument, and four times Nehemiah says, “I have a wall to build and doors to hang and a vision to move towards to. I have no time for your lies.”

I recently read this quote from Toby Mac, ” you don’t have to attend every argument your invited to.” Such great words!

Finally in desperation the aide of the liars was sent out to deliver a message. It accused Nehemiah and the workers of planning a revolt and that he was all about becoming the King. Lies, untruth, crazy imagination…all for one reason, to discourage Nehemiah and keep him from doing the work.

I love Nehemiah’s response, “Nothing like what you are saying is happening, you are making it up out of your head”

You see the liars and naysayers wanted as Nehemiah says in 6:9 “they were all trying to frighten us, thinking” their hands will get to weak for the work, and it will not be completed.”

So Nehemiah responds, with “Lord strengthen my hands.”

My prayer is that for all of us as people that we would guard our mouths from speaking untruth. We need to be people who build others up with our words, not tear them down.

My prayer is for all of us as leaders under attack from naysayers and even worse liars and rumour mongers, stay the course, keep the vision in front of you and pray that God would strengthen your hands for the work he has called you too.

Thank you Nehemiah that you kept on building and thank you Lord that you strengthened him and others to complete the task. Help us to learn from Nehemiah!


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