Why we would not be a sponsor? We needed our money for us and our children!

The definition of sponsorship is the position of being a sponsor. We never considered ourselves to ever be in the position to be a sponsor. To commit to financially support a child we have never met, a child who we are not raising. We needed our money for us and our children, the ones under our roof. We struggle with finances like a lot of other people.

Yes these selfish thoughts were all thoughts that went through our heads.

When we stopped to pray about the tugging we both felt every time we saw a new child pop up on the Boaz blog the veil of selfishness was lifted and replaced with a new perspective. Do not we all have the same Father? The same Father who loves us, cries for us and provides for us? Is not all we have his?

These are all things that sponsorship has helped us cement in our lives. God spoke to our family. He showed us that what we have is His and it just so happens He had two amazing twin sisters in a small town in Haiti who needed us to help provide for them through what God has given us.

We look at life differently now. We see what a very small portion of our finances can do in Haiti. Sure we have changed some of our spending habits like commercial ads say. We find ourselves checking each other. Like “do we really need that? Or do we want that” but not in some sacrificial way. In a way that has helped us see how wealthy we are in Canada not just financially but opportunity wise as well.

Sponsoring these girls has not made us go without by any means it has simply shown us three things we have been needing to see all along. Humility, acknowledgement that we are not in control and that we are all Gods children and should any of Gods children be in such a position that these girls are in, we need to jump with excitement that God has put us in such an amazing position of wealth here in Canada that we may step up and demonstrate Gods love not with what we have but with what God has provided to us.

These powerful words are from one of our sponsor families. Beautiful!


You can be a sponsor too, just $39/month. http://www.boazministries.com/haiti

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