Mission trip Day 11, My stay in Prison changed me

I am reflecting back on last week for a bit tonight. As we transition from one mission trip to a new one I thought it was a good time to do so.
When Boaz Ministries was started over 5 years ago the focus was on at risk teens and to be a Father to the Fatherless, both locally and globally. It was to provide safe and affordable housing to teens and to teach them life skills, to allow them to be successful in life. All this in a Christ centered environment.
Last week changed me and solidified that vision. When I talked with the incredible teens in a tough youth prison in Tegucigulpa, I was challenged by two things.
One, some of these teens were trapped in impossible situations because of their parents choices. The reason they were in prison is that they felt like stealing and robbing was the only option. It is because other than prostitution. or being in gangs there was no way to provide for their younger siblings.
How could a six year old be forced into a gang and be pregnant at 13 and in prison? No father or parent to guide and no opportunity to provide for basic needs!
Two, now that these teen girls are in prison and without family to guide them, how can they ever have hope? Once they get out, what options do they have? Prostitution, gangs, drug running or even worse!
There has to be a place for these girls to go to rebuild! It must be a Christ centered and family focused environment, full of love and rebuilding of lives!

Why has it changed me? It has driven me back to that purpose placed on my heart five years ago! This ministry was created for such a time as this and to assist in the rebuilding of lives.

I know we need ministry partners financially and I need to take many of you and others on trips to discover your place in this as well.

Would you pray with me about your involvement in helping to change the lives of girls like Brenda, Paola, Jamy, and boys like Jose, Raul and Carlos?

The fatherless generation is without hope, we can and must make a difference!

Haiti, what do you have for us? We are here to serve!

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