What difference does a bed make?

Three different countries, same problem!
Different circumstances, but same challenge!
What if you had to go to bed tonight and you had no place to lie down? How would you function the next day?
I recently flew back from Haiti and slept the night on the airport floor. I did it and it was ok for a night, it wasn’t overly restful but I made it work. The next night I ended up in a hotel and slept on a very comfortable bed.

What if you don’t have a bed to sleep on? Have you ever thought of the blessing of having a bed to rest on at night?

Earlier this week I was made aware of a mom in our city that is without a bed. She has had no place to sleep at night for some time. She has no money to buy one, she needed help!
Thankfully we had someone step up and will be delivering her a bed tonight! I trust she will sleep well tonight!

A year ago I was in Dominican Republic and was talking with a teen I have known for a few years. During our conversation and tour of her families home, I was made aware of the fact hat she had no place to sleep and no bed. My heart was moved and a bed was purchased so she could sleep at night. I couldn’t imagine sleeping on a concrete slab every night!

Our staff in Haiti have recently taken in two young boys in need of a safe place to grow, be fed and nurtured. In order to make this happen our family gave up their beds. The decision was made to find new beds for the boys so our family could get their beds back. Within one day of putting this need out there, the money came in and new beds for the boys are on their way.

Then we have an amazing family in Haiti who have one bed for their family of six. Clearly this is not enough. The girls are sleeping on the ground every night, that is so hard! It is hard because they have no beds, and at the same time the ground is so hard.

Every night when I crawl into my warm bed, I am thankful! I don’t want to take these things for granted. I want to appreciate all that I have!

If you would like to help us buy cots for this family, we would be so pleased to bless them.
The price per cot is $80 let us know if you want to sponsor a cot. We would like to purchase two cots!

Email us at boazlighthouse@gmail.com if your heart is moved to make an impact.

We appreciate all who read this blog!


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