Praying for the possessed

What I am about to write is a true! Some may want to write this off as religious hokey pokey, and think it is all nonsense. If you believe in spiritual warfare and interceding for someone that is possessed, please read and pray. If you don’t believe in this, I would encourage you to keep reading and have your heart opened. For others who think this is foolishness, you probably don’t need to read anything else.

I was talking with our Haitian missionaries today and they shared with me about a family that we work with. Beautiful family, with beautiful children. They struggle like many families in Haiti do, but they have one very big need that is impacting their family.

 In the family is an older sister who is about 20 years old..Over the last couple of years her life has changed drastically, she often has times where her body is thrown to the ground and she is not present. It can last for 30 minutes and most people in the community feel that it is a result of voodoo.
Voodoo is a very real problem in Haiti for families. It has impacted some families generationally and must be dealt with.
Our missionaries along with some local believers are going to meet with this family on Thursday to pray with the family and over this young lady named Nadia. We are asking for people to be ready to join them in prayer as they pray over and intercede for this precious young lady.

We believe that the blood of Jesus is more powerful than what the enemy is doing in this young ladies life and that she can be set free. 

Throughout scripture there have been many examples of people who were possessed being set free by the blood of Jesus. We are trusting for this for Nadia too. Please join us! 



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