She couldn’t wait to tell us

One of the new families we work with on our Monday night outreach has four great kids. The kids only started “hanging out” with us four weeks ago, they came to us very shy! We always make an effort for our new families to feel right at home, and accepted and loved right away!

First impressions are so important and these kids were made to feel important right away. We showed them around and explained what we did and just were kind to  them. Nothing complex, simply being real and genuine.

Just one week later they came back and shared that they went to church the following Sunday at one of our partner churches and they loved it. We were so thrilled that they took the opportunity to visit a church. On top of that the church made them feel welcome.

Tonight just four weeks after our first time meeting these amazing kids, the oldest a fifth grader, (she is no longer as shy as she was the first night) couldn’t wait to talk with us. She said that she had to tell us something. She said, “I went to church yesterday and when I was there I accepted Jesus into my life” it was a beautiful moment!

Why do we serve food? To let people know we care! Why do we do it week after week? Because we want to build relationship with people. Why do we do it with smiles and kindness? Becausse we want people to see our joy and love for God! Why do we have churches involved? Because we want to see our families connect with local churches and meet Christ if that family feels led to go to church!

So… For every person who cooked a meal, baked cookies, BBQed hot dogs, had a conversation with a mom or dad, spoke a kind word,  or invested your time…it was all worth it.

I am so excited for this young lady and her family!

Many great things are happening! 


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