Why we as citizens on earth must do better: Haiti and DR

haiti                                     dominican

                         HAITI                       NO IDENTITY         DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

I sit in front of my computer, broken and fighting back tears. Why? What could make an impact like that?

It was just 15 months ago I led a mission team to Dominican Republic and it was there for the first time that I met people without an identity. These precious families, with an ancestry to Haiti, living in the bateys, working in the worst of conditions in the sugar cane fields. Families who have been in DR for years, no paperwork to show they could be in DR and no paperwork to show that they were Haitian. Nothing!


“Working in the Haitian community in Dominican”

Many of the people we met were actually born in DR but their families from generations past were Haitian. When they try to get their paperwork they are denied. How do you pay to get a birth certificate when you have no money? How do you get to the city to have a meeting to try and sort it out when you don’t have enough money to travel one mile let alone traveling 50 miles.

As we spent time with these beautiful people, who had nothing…we fed them, washed their hair, cleaned their nails, shared Jesus with them, played games with them and loved on them. In return we were blessed and moved with compassion. Now my heart is moved again! This time with great sadness and fear for them.


“We love these people”

Many are unaware of what is taking place in Dominican right now. People of Haitian descent are about to be rounded up and forced out of the country. They have no documentation to let them back into Haiti, they may be forced to be in make shift camps with no sanitation or access to basic human rights. At its core level it is because of the color of their skin, Haitians are darker skinned than Dominicans.

What if it was you? What if you were born in a nation 25 years ago, grew up speaking spanish and now you are being forced to leave the only nation you know. How will you cross the border into the country people say you are from, when you cant speak the language and have no documentation. Now you have no place to live or get food or water or even use the bathroom? How would you feel? Would you think that you are forgotten? Would you feel that you are left to die because of where you happened to be born?

How will they survive? The numbers being circulated is about 250,000 people which includes people of all ages: from the elderly to the newborn. It has the potential to cause a major human crisis and destroy the lives of so many beautiful people.

Psalm 68:5&6 read, “a father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families, he leads out the prisoners with singing.”

God  would you rise up and defend and protect those facing this humane crisis about to unfold before us. Protect these people who you created and help us as believers to not be silent.


To my dear friends in Haiti and Dominican and those caught in between, we are praying for you and love you all equally.

Citizens of this planet, we can do so much better. The color of our skin should not determine our safety or love for one another.

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