Communities of Welcome and Hope

                                                The community of Esperanza in the Dominican Republic

         Mairi with two of the kids she spends time with in the communities of  Esperanza and Bienvenidos

How would you feel if you were the wrong skin color, your skin was slightly different and not the same color as the people who surround you. Their skin is more brown!

What if the language that you spoke was the language that got you in trouble if the wrong people heard you speak?

What if you were an unwelcomed visitor in a country that doesn’t necessarily value you?

As many of you know Mairi MacPherson is now on the Boaz staff in Dominican Republic. Her ministry in this beautiful country includes two very special communities. 
The first is Esperanza, which means Hope. In this community Creole, the language of Haitians is often heard. The community of roughly 2000 people, not sure how and if anyone really knows the number, is very impoverished. People struggle daily to provide the simplest of things for their family. Food and housing is lacking! Esperanza does have a school and Mairi along with a few others helps to teach school on Mondays and Fridays.
I asked Mairi about her vision for this community she is serving in, she shared the following: “I want to see dreamers,and locals with visions of how they can be empowered to change their community. I want Esperanza to be a community that lives up to its name, and brings hope! I want families to be reunited and leaders to be raised up. I want the cycle of poverty to be broken in a lasting way.”
The second is Bienvenidos, which means Welcome. The small community of about 100 is raising up beside Esperanza. A local pastor, who is a visionary and dreamer, has a heart to reach this community. Other than a small piece of land that her church has laid out some concrete blocks to meet, there is nothing except a few sporadic homes being built. It is in the early stages of development. What a great opportunity for us to be involved.
Please pray for these people and the work of Mairi and others who have a vision for the future of these people in need of love and acceptance and Hope! I pray that the people of these two communities would feel that they are welcomed and embraced by others, even if they speak another language or have a slightly different skin color!

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