Tattoos in Honduras, what does it mean?


 I was in a church service in Honduras, in a gang run part of the city. I had just finished preaching  and walked to the back of the church. It was there I met a former gang member who wanted to know what gang I had been in. He had been changed and figured I must have been too, since I had a tattoo. I was able to explain to him what my tattoo was and that it was a verse in the Bible and how it waS special to me. He found that to be very interesting! 

It was just the next day that we were in the girls max security prison and a conversation was started with Brenda, the young lady who I have been led to impact her life in a father role. She wrote to me yesterday, and thanked me for investing in her and believing in her and loving her. In the letter she said this, “I remember that day when we first met, I saw your tattoo and you saw me draw.”

Who would have thought that one tattoo on my arm would have such a lasting impact. I now understand that my decision a few years back to get a tattoo has had an impact! It has led to a changed life! 

I find myself being more impressed than ever to continue making an impact in this prison, so many miles away. My conversation with Brenda has led me into letters being exchanged with Jamie another girl in the prison. Yesterday I received a message from our partner missionaries in Honduras that another girl Nicole would like to be written to. In fact Nicole is a prisoner who is helping lead devotional times with the other girls in the prison.

I sent that note to Nicole last night!

It will be so amazing to be back in Honduras in just 13 days. I know our team is excited and I know the girls in the prison are excited for us to be investing in them again.

Would you be able to help us in Honduras? 

We do have a couple of ways you can help us. First, if you would like to invest some resources into our work in Honduras, it would be so helpful. We want to be able to celebrate with the girls in the prison, purchase food for the kids we will serve on the streets and for the people living at the dump. We want to be able to purchase baby supplies for the new moms, and especially the teen moms we will meet at the maternity hospital. My goal is to take an extra $1000 to have an impact.

Secondly, and I rarely ask for help on mission trips but I still need to raise about $1000 for my tickets and outreach. If you could help in anyway, it would be a huge blessing to me! I love this nation and know our impact is continuing to grow day by day.

Who will we impact this trip? How will we make the greatest impact. I am not sure, but I do know this, if he can use a tattoo on my arm to open up a conversation that has had a lasting impact on some of these girls….well He can use anything He chooses!

Thanks for praying as we prepare to go and as we serve!

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