I believe it is a Christmas miracle…

Two and a half years ago on a mission trip to Haiti, we visited an orphanage. On the outside things looked like it was fine but as we assisted them with a few things, it became obvious to us that there was something drastically wrong.

For a few months we supplied food to this orphanage only to discover that much of the food was actually being sold. Another time we visited the orphanage unannounced in many ways, and discoverd two of the smallest ones were very sick and were near death. We sent these two little ones to the hospital and got them the treatment they needed and I believe saved their little lives.

After we had chosen to stop supporting this orphanage we discovered other things that caused us to ask tough questions. Why were some of the older kids suddenly missing? Why were the kids being used as pawns when food was being delivered to them but they were not allowed to eat it? Why were others organizations feeling the same way we were?

Many of us have been praying over the last two years for a miracle to take place. A miracle where these kids could be removed from this orphanage and given an opportunity to be loved, cared for, guided and protected.

This miracle is about to happen.

We have a great partnership with a first class organization in Haiti called Shepherds House. We have been partnered with them for over 2 years. They have been instrumental in providing all things needed for a number of kids for a number of years, from food, to clothing, education and accommodations…. 

They are part of the miracle! Here is what is going to happen:

Shepherds House will be taking in 30 children from the other orphanage. The children will then be well taken care of and loved. In order to do that, they need sponsors. The good news is that they already have nine of the thirty kids sponsored as a result of the Boaz mission team that just returned today from Haiti! Our mission team stayed at Shepherds House as do all of our teams! 

The kids can come to Shepherds House once we have the sponsors in place. Sponsorship is  $39/month and donations can be made to Boaz Ministries and are tax receipted. Upon receiving the monthly support,  we send along a cheque to Shepherds House each month and  100% of the money that comes to us through sponsorship goes towards the care of the children. 

At this point I cannot provide pictures of the kids as I don’t have pictures yet. You could indicate whether you would like to sponsor a boy or girl and once I receive the pictures I will seen that along. That will happen within the week.

If you have interest in sponsoring one of the 21 kids left to be sponsored, we would love to answer any specific questions. Send questions to us via email at boazlighthouse@gmail.com

Can you imagine transforming a child’s life for less than $450 a year. Maybe this is the perfect Christmas gift for a family member, the gift of life! That is indeed a Christmas miracle!


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