Progress of one child, sponsorship makes a difference

In  July of this year our staff met a young girl who was in a desperate situation.

 This was a message I received from Haiti: In July we met Sendia for the first time. We had heard of her before and knew that she was an older sisterhood a couple of very special boys. But from all our meetings we never met her until we made a visit to Deboss which is a part of Petionville where they live. Sendia does not have a father and is responsible of taking care of mom when she is sick, which has been a lot lately. When we met Sendia for the first time she was a very quiet little girl who did not speak unless spoken to and when asked her age she was unsure of the answer. She become very cuddling with us and we felt that little girl who has never attended school needed the opportunity to be a child and learn and have a chance at a good future. We had asked in which ways we could help her and they agreed that if we help her with school they would allow her attend. For us this a step into a new beginning for Sendias life , it gives us as a ministry the chance to connect with family and start giving hope back to maybe where it has been lost. It was at this time.

This was Sendia a sweet child needing someone to help her!

Shortly after we were made aware of Sendias situation the decision was made to put her into our sponsorship program through Boaz Ministries. I was blessed to be able to be her sponsor, it  really is a true blessing! 

We got Sendia enrolled in school and got her a uniform for school and started to be able to help out a bit more with food. On my most recent trip to Haiti I had the thrill of meeting my sponsor child for the first time. If you have never had the opportunity to meet your sponsor child it is powerful! If you don’t sponsor a child, it is so worth it and we would love to help you do this.

The day I met Sendia for the first time. This is a day I will always remember!

Last week one of our Boaz staff was in Haiti for the week and poured into all of our Boaz  staff and community. He got to spend time with all of our 39 sponsor kids, there are so many photos of incredible joy and love in these pictures. Thanks Chris for making this important trip on our behalf.

Chris taking our 10 new sponsored teens out to lunch to feed them and talk about sponsorship!

 Two of our sponsored boys sending a message to their sponsors! We are thankful for the sponsor and sponsored! It is amazing to put these together! It is life changing!

On Chris’ way back to the airport yesterday he was privileged and thrilled to spend time with their “adopted family” I know they love these kids like their very own. As he visited them of course he got to see Sendis and deliver a gift from me to her and get an updated picture for me. She is doing so much better and hope has truly come into her life.

Sendia is on her way to school in her uniform!

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world”. 

If you are looking and praying about who you can truly impact, let us know we have lots of opportunities in many locations. 

If you would like to help us further expand this ministry to reach even more people we could use your help. Click on the PayPal link today if you would, it could be the most important touch of your keypad today!

In the past two months ten new sponsors have stepped in to change these teens lives. They start school in just three weeks or so and today they received food for their families.

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