Why she matters

I was laying down in bed when I received the Facebook message from Haiti! The story I was about to hear touched my heart and once again reminded me: everyone needs a place to call home!

I pray this little girls story will touch your heart like it did mine.

“Today the government (social service) brought us a 9 year old girl who run away from her city. The police found her in another city near Gressier. According to the report they gave us, she was being abused, beaten and never went to school. 

Tonight she had supper with us. As soon as we have her the food she quickly went into a corner to eat because that’s how she used to eat. So my wife told her she doesn’t have to anymore. We are family and we all seat and eat together.   
She has some mark on her back from being beaten and her hair you can see the sign of malnourished. 
Keep us in your prayers as we continue to help her heal.”


                                                                                   Derline is nine years old


I am so thankful this morning for my friends from Shepherds House in Haiti that have taken this sweet little girl into their care. We want to help them as they care for her and the other children at their home, a place that is so full of love!

Shepherds House will be immediately enrolling Derline in school, buying her a school uniform and supplies. The cost for these things is $170 USD. BOAZ MINISTRIES is committed to helping Shepherds House with the care of Derline. We will be sending $200 USD today for her care. Would you help us meet that need?

If anything extra comes in over and above this we will pass that along to Shepherds House for the ongoing care and needs of their ministry to the children!

Thank you Aaron and Nathalie for all you do!
FOLLOW UP FROM AARON: Darline is doing good. This morning she was asking for school books. She says papy Aaron all of the students have school books but me. I want to be like them to so I can know how to read. She is so sweet. I told we will get her some today.

Yesterday we had $100 donated towards her care, we could use your help too!  Taking care of the orphaned child is the heart of God.       James 1:27

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