What is my starting theory /hypothesis?
I can live off $2/ day if I am willing to make the right choices. It will be challenging but I need to be more conscious of how I spend my money and identify with those who are challenged everyday with where to spend their money

Why did I choose this experiment?

Many of the people we serve alongside live off less than $1/day for their family, I want to understand what that must feel like. I can’t replicate it exactly but I want to try and understand.

How do I think my life will be different because of this experiment?

I think I will be able to identify more closely with others who struggle in this way, so I feel I will have a deeper compassion for those we serve. I also think I will be more aware of all the food that is wasted.

At the end of the experiment what do I hope will change as a result?

I will be more committed to serving those who struggle with food insecurity.

What is the end result I am looking for?

I can shop more affordable and be more conscious of the struggles others face.


Beginning date Feb 29 end date April 8/2016

    1. Maximum spent throughout the 40 days is $80

    2. No money is to be spent ahead of time, no purchasing $10 for the next five days. I can however save money and use it later

    3. Money spent needs to come in from outside sources. I can’t use my money in my pocket so to speak. I either have to share my need or do odd jobs.

    4. If I receive money from donation or odd jobs, any excess for that day will go into a fund to be given away to those facing insecurity globally. At the end of the forty days

    5. If I am offered food outside of my boundaries, I will ask that person to purchase or provide the food and I will give that food away to someone else in need.

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