I went to bed last night, I had a hard time getting to sleep. I was excited to begin this step in my life and I was still playing in my mind the what if game. I am glad I only lasted a few minutes in that place in my head. You ever played that game…what if I don’t have food, what if I can’t even afford to buy roll? What if God doesn’t come through?

I woke up this morning and one of the first things I read after some quiet time was an encouraging word from a friend on Facebook. My friend Brendan said,  “Welcome to Day 1 Scott. We all see and hear these things across many media streams but actually committing to live it will certainly give you a whole new perspective, I’m sure. Good for you bro and thanks for sharing. I’m very interested in how this goes.” A word of encouragement goes along way!

It was around 12:00 noon and my wife Ruth walked into my office, she said, “my friend just gave me $2 to give to you for food for today, and she sent you an egg too.” As Ruth handed me that $2 coin, tears welled up me. I had been remembered and someone really cared about me. I have never been so thrilled to receive such a small in mans eyes gift, but huge in my eyes. It was truly amazing!

Now it was time to go to the store. What could I buy? How much of that $2 could I actually spend today? I couldn’t spend it all because I don’t know what is ahead over the next 40 days. I certainly prayed for my daily bread and God provided, but I just couldn’t spend it all. We entered the store and right away I was aware of the high prices on food. There are so many things that were out of my price range. Maybe many things I eat regularly are indeed a luxury. Milk, peanut butter, organic vegetables, and meat. Wow, luxuries…wow perspective!

I finally settled on four items: 130 grams of pasta, .53 cents, 115 grams of quick rolled outs, 5.5 grams of Mac n cheese sauce for my pasta, and 5 tea bags so I have some flavour in my water.

Total cost: $1.80. I have .20 cents left over and that is huge! I have to say that when I walked out of the Bulk Barn I was so thankful! Why? Someone noticed, someone helped, someone cared and I was more aware than ever that I take so much for granted.

When I pray tonight I will thank Him for His daily bread and provision for me today! I am a blessed man. I will also be praying more intently for my brothers and sisters globally who have so little.

I think I will have a nice warm tea and enjoy every drop.

Please help me and others that we invest in to be able to have food to eat. I am guessing they would have some of the same emotions and feelings that I have, probably more intense as they live with this daily! Just click on the PayPal link on the side or send an etransfer to boazministries@gmail.com. Any donation over $2 will go directly to feeding other people.  


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