In just a few hours I will begin my Enough Experiment. (If you are reading about this for the first time, read my two previous posts) Today has been a day of reflection and preparation. What have I been reflecting on?

I know I cannot feel exactly what people must feel as they approach a day or few days not being able to eat. The thought that tomorrow when I wake up and I have little to no money to be able to provide for myself is difficult. I can’t imagine the anxiety and pain it must bring to the hearts of that mom or dad who simply wants to provide a meal for them or their children.

I was recently talking to one of our staff in Haiti about two of our kids who are in our sponsorship program and in our community. The 13 and 14 year old are raising themselves. No one is there to make a meal for them, they certainly have no one that will provide money every day for them to eat. How can they even concentrate when they go to school? I am glad that we can lift that burden a little bit, but oh the things that must be going through their young minds.

I can tell you that I have been checking this site over the last two days,  to see if anyone would click and make a donation to provide me with even $2 so I can eat tomorrow. I was so excited at the thought that someone might, but it hasn’t happened. I guess what has stood out to me is how much one small gesture would give me more hope.

I wonder who around us, whether they are in Canada or elsewhere around this world, wishes that someone would simply make a small gesture and acknowledge their need. I wonder if they are concerned about what the next day will bring and wishing they could simply have a bite to eat. I wonder who wishes they had just $1 or one meal or that someone cared. I wonder who prays and hopes that tomorrow just might be different.

Tomorrow begins a journey for me, that I need to do. I pray that through this time I will learn more about myself, more about others and have a deeper compassion for those around me who simply want to be noticed.

There are only two ways I can get money, someone donates or someone asks me to do something to earn the $2 I need. For many in this world  either someone helps them or they need an opportunity to make a little money.

Click on the link on the right side of this page if you want to help. Remember every dollar brought in over and above the $2/day will be given to help families dealing with food insecurity around the world. Invest in me and invest in them.

Until tomorrow… 


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