Day 26…My big purchase

Yesterday, day 25 I had an opportunity to take our new friends to the grocery store. I had $3.50 I had not spent with me, my intent was to buy a tomato and a little sandwich meat. To my surprise I found a 5 lb. bag of potatoes for $2.19, I was so excited!

I have discovered that there are a few foods that I can really stretch out: oatmeal, pasta, pancake mix and potatoes. I can bake, boil or  fry potatoes. I can use the leftovers for hash browns in the morning, or add a slice of sandwich meat at night to warmed up potatoes. I can even thinly slice them and 15 minutes later have “French fries” . Exciting!

I had a couple meet me yesterday morning and offer me something. The husband offered to give me a bunch of books to sell (see my Facebook page) to raise money for our feeding program and I could take $2 from the sale to use for my next $2. I am happy to report that so far we have sold $60 worth of books and $100 worth of coffee to assist with our feeding program.

We also has another gentleman step up and offer a donation of $200 towards our feeding of kids and with these two additions to our total, we have now raised exactly $2000 of our goal of $10,000. We still have two weeks to go and I have 15 more days left in my challenge.

Today is day 26 of my experiment and I have now spent a total of $40. That is an average of $1.53 a day.

What excites me most about these last 26 days is that we are going to be able to help some very amazing people have a little more hope. They are going to know that people have invested in their lives because they care.

Tonight I am going to have some potatoes and a meat slice for supper! I was so blessed to have $2.15 yesterday to buy those potatoes! Thank you to those who have cared about me to give!

I am trusting for another $8000 in the next two weeks 🙂


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