Day 30…”I need food”

Maybe your tired of reading this blog, maybe your tired of hearing about food shortages…

I was talking with a young lady today in another country who told me, “I am so hungry, I haven’t been able to eat well in a long time. All I have been able to have the last few days is water and a little juice.”

The more I walk through this experiment the more my heart breaks for those around the world that wish they had someone to share with and someone to care for them. What I could say to her was that I cared and that I would do something to help her to be able to eat. That gave her hope!


I can see the end of the finish line, just 10 more days, but for this sweet girl, there is no end to the finish line. When will things change for her? One month, one year, one decade. Wow what a heartbreaking thought!

All I know is today I gave her hope and tomorrow she will have food to eat and that should make her life easier, at least in the short term. We want to have long term impact but first she needs to be able to get some food in her belly and be able to think about something new. 

Oh the pain of hunger and lack. It is something I don’t want to be ok with hearing about, and not being moved!

I hope that stays in my heart!

Received another $120 today, now at $2,120/10,000. Trusting for another $7880! 


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