Day 39…don’t let fear stop you!

What are you afraid of?

As I look back over these 39 days I think one of my fears was whether or not I would be able to do what I had set out to do. One fear I didn’t have was what people might think if I had to end it early. My fear was failing myself and the people we serve, more than the people who were looking on.

I have been thinking a lot about fear lately. I have been wondering if people don’t invest in others because they are afraid of what to say or how to engage others. Or are they afraid to get involved because the media has portrayed such an image of people that we have created in our minds what they are like. Or maybe people are just afraid of commitment. Maybe people are afraid of what others would say. Maybe we are afraid to fly, or give generously or visit a neighbour or speak truth to people. Maybe we are afraid to do a challenge that’s beyond our own abilities because we could fail?

Then there is another side of fear that I have began to understand, one that I feel many of us are not familiar with. These fears include: not having enough food to feed your child, fear of having someone get sick and leave you as an orphan, fear of sleeping outside because no one cares about you, fear of having your family uprooted because of a bomb hitting your home, fear of living in a refugee camp, fear of coming to a new country and not being able to adjust, fear of seeing your child die, fear of never being able to change your life situation because of where you were born.

So I guess my conclusion is this: there are legitimate fears that people have and they often press through them and there are ones that we create in our hearts and in our minds that we don’t allow ourselves to press though.

If we have fears, let’s find out the source and press through them. Don’t let fear stop you! I am glad it didn’t stop me. Take risks, pray for those who have tremendous fears to overcome, and be all that you were created to be!

One final,thought. The best way to overcome fear is to place yourself in a position to overcome those fears one fear at a time. Ask God to help you,  and you and I will be amazed!


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