Day 40 and 41… Why I can’t stop!

Yesterday was the final day of my 40 day experiment and I wanted to write about completing it last night, but I couldn’t! Why because I felt clearly led that I may not be done yet. May being the key word!

Let me explain, on about day 35 or 36 I felt something stirring inside of me that I couldn’t get away from. It was that this experiment was not finished and I needed to continue on. I prayed about it and didn’t feel released. I prayed more and asked God for a sign. I don’t always pray this way, but I did this time. 

So far in this experiment I felt I had raised three things : 1) awareness of the struggle people face around the globe, 2) awareness of the amount of money we spend on food and 3) $2600/$10000. I felt there was still so much more I had to learn and others could learn as they saw this experiment unfold.

I asked God for a sign of whether or not I was to continue on. I prayed “Lord if you want me to continue on, I ask you to bring the total amount  raised to $3000 by the end of the challenge. Yesterday I was at $2600 and then today I had someone give me a cheque for $200, I followed up with another friend who told me a few days ago that they were going to help  and they confirmed they were giving $100, another friend sent me an email last night that I read this morning and said he was sending me $70, someone else reached out and said they wanted to give $25 and we had $13 come in through PayPal. 

So the total as of the beginning of day 41 was $3008.

I had $4.40 left over from the 40 days and today I used that to purchase pizza at our church during the lunchtime, which basically took all the money I had come in. Therefore,  as of mid afternoon today I had to look in my cupboard and see what was left as I launch into this next 20 days minimum or more. I have about 2lbs of potatoes, 2 eggs, a few apples and a left over pancake and three hotdogs. 

I did celebrate the completion of the first 40 days by purchasing, a package of dates and some fruit and some peanut butter which I will have access to as I start again. Other than that all things remain the same. 

I feel that this has been extended because there are kids that need to eat. I believe there are more stories to be told of people that struggle and I need to learn what’s it is like to have your hopes built up only to see those challenges still persisting.

From a financial standpoint I believe that the goal is still the goal. We need to raise $10000! 

Also I beleive there is someone out there who reads this that needs to join me on this journey for the next three weeks, to help raise awareness and gain the same understanding. Maybe it is you!

So I press on, I am truly blessed!


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