Day 42/43… Update on Widdny

As I have entered into this next chapter of my experiment, I continue to be encouraged. I know that our friends working in the nations we serve  are too.

I was thrilled today to talk to our staff in Haiti and let them know that we have $1200 more for Haiti  to add to our feeding program. The same is true for Honduras and Dominican 🙂 That is wonderful news and what it really means is more kids get to eat more often. Every child has a name and a story! It’s so important.

I was talking with a lady today who said she has been following what I am doing and that she is inspired by what I am doing. I told her my inspiration was the kids that we serve! Too many of them  go to bed at night feeling the impact of lack of food. It’s not just a slight discomfort,  it is disabling their ability to think, concentrate and dream in many cases.

Who is practically helped by this? Widdny is one of those kid, she is our 11 year old orphan girl that we met last week. We have been able to include her in our feeding program and make sure she is being taken care of in that way. That’s the immediate!

In the long term, we are happy to inform our readers that we have found a place for Widdny to go. After bringing this beautiful young lady to visit our friends at Shepherds House Ministries, our partner ministry in Haiti, they have willingly agreed to have her live at Shepherds House. We are working on getting the necessary paperwork in place, but once that is done we will take care of providing the funds to support her.

Do you see the beauty in this? People support our ministry by their giving, we invest in our community by feeding people through those gifts, people see what we are doing in community and make us aware of needs like Widdny, and we partner with others to be sure and help to provide in ongoing ways.

Every dollar counts!

I may inspire some, but Widdny inspires me to keep on fighting so to speak. I see a little girl that has had to fight to stay alive  and has had so many days that have been much harder than any day of these last 43 days.

 I will press on and trust the Lord that He will raise up $10000.

Today that number is $3588 

 Widdny with our amazing Haitian staff! If you would like to help us take care of her please let me know.  I hope you can see the love our staff has for her!

Email me at if you could help us in any way.

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