What would you take if you had five minutes?

Tonight I was asked to speak to a youth group and I asked the question, ” if you had 5 minutes and had a gym bag to pack your most important possession in, what would you take?”

The answers included:

  • Clothing
  • Deodorant
  • Laptop
  • Soap
  • Cell phone and recharger
  • Bible 
  • Zit cream… (Guess your appearance matters if you have to pack up in a hurry)

We talked about what things in life we have,  that are really important and what things we have that aren’t so important. 

We talked about people that we see in our day to day, whether it be in our school or work place, that are in need of a friend or have a need for food or clothing.

We talked about the things that we take for granted like school, food, water, housing and electronics.

We talked about new people in our city that may be different than us.

We talked about a lot of things, for sure.

Somehow we ended talking about seeing people in need and saying that we will pray for them. I asked them if they were to have a family member that was in need of food and clothing, and they had shared their hearts with people, and hoped people would help, and they did nothing except say they would pray…how would it make them feel?

Their response was that it would make them upset. I shared that I thought it was important to pray, but saying we will pray and doing nothing to help, makes others upset too! We really need to put our faith into action!

Finally I left them with a challenge: I asked them to go to school with their eyes open to those around them and see if their was someone in need of a warm meal, a pair of shoes, a friendly welcome…and then do something about it.

One of the boys said: we know what we need to do and should do, but it is really hard to do it because we have been taught to look out for ourselves first. I saw a lot of heads nod as he said this, as they agreed that was a true statement.

I hope the teens will be challenged and make a difference in someone else’s life. If so it will have been a great night!


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