Day 41-47…. The last week, I spent $7 on food

I just left my parents place after a short visit, eating a little scalloped potatoes, a piece of ham and a bit of desert. What a blessing that was. Other than that this week, it has been a week of eating bread and peanut butter, a little sandwich meat, and apples with peanut butter (it’s really good together)

I did spend $7 this week on food though. I bought a loaf of bread, a McDonald’s French fries (it actually tasted so good) and a few eggs. I did have a friend take me out for breakfast one morning, amazing food! I had a couple of slices of pizza at a men’s meeting, so good! I had a piece of birthday cake with a little ice cream with my Syrian friends, love being with friends and celebrating! I had a little beans and pita bread with my friends from Burundi, love them too!

What I have discovered is that food and eating is more of a social activity as much as it is physical. We as people love to get together with others and eat. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a lot, but it is often what happens. In fact each morning when I visit with our Syrian friends on the way to school, they insist that I have tea with them. I love it! 

I think one of the things I have missed the most during these 47 days is the social aspect of food. I am not sure how to get around it either. If I want to be able to have more expendable resources to help others, one of the ways I can do that is to not eat out. But I also value the social aspect of life and it often revolves around food.

Then I also think of the countries we strive to help in, what do they do to have social lives and be invested in others? I know they value community and relationships too. Maybe they have other reasons for getting together? Do they use food for more than the physical?

I think of the street kids we are blessed to reach out to in Honduras. They seem to have their own community so to speak and look out for each other. They spend lots of time together and seem to share the little they get for food.

I think of the teen in  Dominican we help. She often doesn’t have enough food for her day to day and therefore doesn’t seem to have many people she spends time with. Every bit of food she receives is important to her and she doesn’t have much to share. 

Hmm so much to think about….

I just want to help more people. Right now we are at $3600/$10000. I press on and am going to continue to try and figure out some of these questions I am wrestling with!

My total amount of money spent on food for the last 47 days is around $76. That is an average of $1.61/day. I continue to be a blessed person. 


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