Teaching the alphabet…M O T H E R

What a fun afternoon! A friend and I spent a couple of hours helping a new to Fredericton family learn the alphabet. When your alphabet that you have been used to for years is no longer your new alphabet, you have to start over.

Once they got the letters down on paper and knew what the letters were, we helped them to spell their names. It was so amazing to see the joy on their faces when they wrote their name in the “English alphabet” for the first time. Big smiles abounded.

Then we advanced to other words and taught them how to write them and say them in English. One of those words was MOTHER. oh the smiles! Priceless!

As we zipped accross the river to visit with the second family, we were greeted by them with a  ” please sit down”. As we sat down this family decided that they only wanted to speak English and were practicing all the new phrases they have been learning like, “what did you buy today when you went shopping.” and  “what time will you pick him up?”

I can really identify with this aspect of their coming to a new country. I know when I travel to a different country I simply want to be able to speak a few words and I feel so accomplished when I can add new words to my vocabulary. Then when I can begin to speak sentences I feel even more confident. I always appreciate those that help me to learn and are patient with me.

I am thankful for new friends, stretching experiences, and seeing them grow in confidence. Being able to help in some small way makes my heart happy!

“To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world”


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