7×7=49, it’s time!

I woke up this morning and knew that it was time to end the experiment I have undertaken for the last 7 weeks. I knew one day I would know it was time.

It has been a wonderful last seven weeks. It has been full of challenges and there were days I wished I could just go out and buy something that I really wanted, but I new I couldn’t. I am sure many of the people we serve feel the same way.

There were times I watched others eat food all around me, and even through I wasn’t angry or jealous, I understood there must be times when those we serve must have some of those emotions as they may simply want something to eat that others around them have.

I walked through grocery stores and saw people spending hundreds of dollars at the checkout and I wondered do they really need all that is in their carts. I wondered how much they would be throwing out. I wondered what would happen if they were to spend less and help others more.

I wondered why I was born in this country, that has so much and wastes so much. I wondered if my life would be different if I had been born in Haiti or a barrio in Dominican or  a gang controlled village in Honduras, or a war torn Syria. What if I was escaping and running  for my life and found myself in a refugee camp for years and struggling  to find food. 

I dreamed and had a vision to raise $10,000 through this experiment but for some reason we got stuck at $3600. I wonder what would have happened if it was our relatives who were struggling to survive, would we have given more? No judgement, just questions!

Finally I wonder how the people we serve will feel to know that people gave of their excess so that they could have more to eat. I hope they know that those who donated their money to help, were genuinely caring about them and want them to know they are valued.

I have not given up on the $10,000 I just know it is time to move forward or backwards, I am not sure what this really is! Nevertheless, it is time for me to celebrate these last 49 days and know it has changed me and I hope some of the readers too.


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