Different perspectives

I flew yesterday from my home town to Montreal, it was a quick flight with little to do. The family in front of me had a teen who was flying the first time. I loved hearing her amazement,seeing things from a different perspective. She saw what was a lake and described it this way ” it looks just like an ocean”. 

You see when we fly we get a bigger perspective of the country below, but it is only when we step onto the land that we begin to understand more. It’s a different perspective,  I actually love both perspectives.

When you and I live in one place we can forget that there is a bigger perspective. We need to take another view sometimes of our challenges and see a broader image of those around us. We need to see the beauty of creation and know that it was beautifully crafted by a unique creator, God! You were His most special creation of all!

I love being on the ground, getting to know the people. I love to have the conversation with the dad who is struggling and the dad who has hope. To see a mom smile when someone stops and says, “teach me how you do your laundry”, that never gets old. To see a hungry child eat, that’s a beautiful sight. To see the orphan being loved and welcomed is powerful. James 1:27 says it is the purest form of religion!

I guess what it comes down to is this. I want to understand the big picture and at the same time I want to know people on a personal level, I want to hear their stories, celebrate with them, cry with them, hold them in my prayers and in my arms when needed, to be known as someone that loves God, loves people and gets involved!

This week I want to invest in people. They are not looking for our presents, they are looking for our presence. That is something we can all offer others, no matter where we live!

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