Carrying weeds to pigs

During our morning of community outreach we came across a crippled older man who was struggling to walk. With a cane in one hand and an arm full of vegetation in the other, the slight incline in the terrain made it nearly insurmountable. It was obvious this was a huge obstacle for him to overcome. My fear was that this shoeless man would fall right in front of us.

I walked over and asked if I could help. He passed me the armful of green flowers and I took his hand and helped him navigate those two feet or so of incline. When he reached the top he seemed to steady himself. I walked along beside him, he trying to make it safely home and me carrying what I thought was maybe something to make tea or make his home smell better. I was wrong!

As we arrived in front of his home, or maybe a family members home, I wondered if I should follow him up the path. He then asked the translator if I could take the weeds and feed them to the pig living in the front yard. I was surprised to hear this was the intended purpose, this struggle, this pain staking walk was to care for a pig.

I was so blessed to be able to walk up the small path and walk over and drop the weeds beside the pig. It was a small act of kindness to help someone who was in need. The pig simply stared and kept doing what it was doing. The man however continued on his journey back to his home.

As I reflect on this experience and so many others, I am glad that God placed me and our team in the right place to serve this man and his pig. I know it made this elderly mans morning a little better and brighter. It made mine that way too!

That wasn’t the only time today we were in the right place at the right moment. In fact, one of those times it changed  a persons life forever. Wow is all we could say!

If you want to know that detail, send me a message! 

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