The common denominator is…

As we sat tonight and processed another impacting day, here is what we discovered. It shouldn’t be a surprise really, as we know it’s the way we are designed:

  • A young man walked from his community to where we are staying, just so he could be around one of our team members. They spent the day together building furniture and he stayed and had lunch with the team, eating three slices of pizza. 
  • A different team member got to meet the family he has been invested in for three years. The joy on his face as he hugged his “adoptive family” was powerful.
  • One of our ladies shared the joy of walking on the dirt roads and having little hands reach up and hold hers as she walked
  • Another shared the blessing of serving food to our kids in our feeding program and working alongside our Boaz staff in the kitchen. She also loved being surrounded by the kids in the community, and having them embrace her as their friend
  • Still another shared the joy in meeting the mother of her sponsor child and seeing the thankfulness on the moms face as they met.
  • A couple of us were also captured by the little girl who just two years ago was so close to dying. She sat on the lap of one of our team and sang out “Jesus loves me”, on her own and from her little heart. She and her brother are truly miracles
  • I was personally moved by the sacrifice of one of our sponsor kids families who gave fruit as a way to say thank you, it was not necessary, but it came from generous hearts.

So what is the common denominator? 


The people that influenced us the most this day, those who touched our hearts, were those that in the worlds eyes are insignificant. They are not famous, they are not popular or rich, they are simply GOD’S MOST VALUABLE CREATIONS!


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