The language of love

Whenever you serve in another country, the biggest challenge is not being able to speak the language of the people of that nation. There are conversations you can’t have with people with a language barrier.


Make no mistake, you can communicate with people. You can do this by facial expressions, body language, sharing a tear over someone’s situation, putting an arm around someone, holding their baby, sharing a meal, being kind, and when needed use a translator!

Not speaking the language of someone else is no reason to avoid them. Actions speak louder than words anyway.

So I just have to say this, our team of seven has spoken very well this week. 

We have showed love and it has been powerful!

One more thing; a little boy at Shepherds House told me to repeat after him the English alphabet. He said A and I said A. He said B and I said B. We did good until he got to N and then he got stuck. The wheels were turning in his mind so he just kept saying N and I repeated. I finally said O, and then he smiled and moved right along to the letter P.

When he finally arrived at Z he gave me a fist pump because he had taught me the English alphabet!

I loved it! The language of love!

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