In the middle of the trip, everything changed…forever

“I was driving with my family and friends for a weekend getaway. It was going to be a time of retreat. I had no intention of hurting anyone, no hatred in my heart, I simply wanted to spend time with those closest to me and really just spend time with God.”

These could have been the words expressed by any of those who headed out in Egypt on buses to spend time with their families and fellow Christians, to simply focus on family, friends and God. But in the middle of the trip, everything changed, sadly changed forever.

The tragic, intentional murder, gunning down,  slaughter of 28 innocent people ( as I write this), of which 10 were children, grieves my heart and makes me livid. 

I think we have become so used to hearing about these things that many times we simply don’t care. We simply respond by saying “oh well, that’s sad” or even worse “not my issue, not my problem”

What if we looked at people as our brothers and sisters? What if they were our family? What if this happened on your family vacation with friends and family? I hope we are not at the place in our lives where we say “unless it affects me directly, unless it happens to my family, I don’t give a damn”

An attack on these beautiful Coptic Christians and other Christians around the world needs to impact us, needs to move us and must cause us to stand up. Christians are now the most persecuted group of people on this planet.

The attack on any person regardless of their background or faith, the senseless suicide bombing in Manchester and so many other places that  target anyone that is not a radical Islamic jihadist…. it really hurts my heart.

When I see the pictures of dead children, yes I need to see them, because it brings home the reality of what is happening brings me to tears. I hate what I see!

So to my fellow Christian brothers and sisters around the world being persecuted and slaughtered for your faith, I care and stand with you. 

For those senselessly being killed because a terrorist decides to destroy anyone not agreeing with their ideology, I care and stand with you.

To those who hate everyone but yourselves, I pray you learn what love is and change.

“I pray God that you would continue to bring your peace to those who suffer because of identifying with your name. I ask for healing for those who hurt today. I pray for dreams and visions to come to those who hate you and hate others. I ask that you would raise up people to stand for and with my fellow Christians and those who are afraid today. Change me and my heart, help me to genuinely and deeply care.”

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