Love must win

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”

John 15:13

As I hear the accounts from last nights massacre in Las Vegas, I am saddened and maddened and amazed at the same time.

I am someone that takes some time to process some of the events I hear about and those I experience personally. I like to write to express my feelings. I simply want to express my heart.

When I awoke this morning, like most mornings, I wanted to see what was happening in the world. It seems like everyday there is something very sad happening. The way mankind is treating mankind is very disturbing. The hatred that exists in our world, I simply cannot understand. I know we live in a very broken world, I am not naive.

Sadly I see this same brokenness in my own city. No, I have not witnessed anything like happened last night in Vegas and I hope I never will. I see the hatred and the racism and the abhorrent behaviour of a few, who seek to destroy others lives. I weep over these things. I pray for change in the hearts of people in my city.

I have traveled to many nations and have witnessed the effects of hatred. I have walked the grounds of concentration camps in Europe that sought to exterminate the Jewish people. I have been impacted by watching the plight of the Rohinga people presently. I have many friends who have had family members murdered by war thugs. I have friends who have had their homes bombed by people who hated them because of their ethnicity.

I have also witnessed the love of people. I have been a part of delivering aid to those whose lives have been torn apart by natural disasters. I have observed the love of those who stepped up to open their homes and hearts to those seeking refuge. I have watched as a homeless person who was also shoeless, was given shoes from my son years ago and watched my son walk away with no shoes. I have saw the very best of humanity time and again.

I heard of people who laid on top of other people last night to protect them and gave up their own lives. I know first responders ran in when everyone was trying to get away. I love that!

Jesus told us to love well.

I want to be one who is guilty of loving others well.

Praying for those around the world and in my community that are victimized. I am also praying for those who are full of hatred in their hearts!

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