Finally here, seeing and listening to amazing teens

A beautiful landing brought us back to the land of hope. Finally 🙂

Within minutes of arriving we were off to visit some amazing young ladies who we have known for some time.

To be reunited with these teens, to see them smile, to see joy in the midst of pain was a blessing.

I am so thankful that we as a ministry put high value on relationships.

We believe in going back to the same places to speak into lives and to love others well.

We loved hearing updates about schooling, about new hope, about what God is doing in some of their lives. We also listened to the pain. That’s hard, but necessary.

One of the things that spoke to our hearts was the need to simply listen, show genuine concern and encourage. People do not need our presents or for us to bring them things, they truly value our presence. We truly value their presence.

I wish I could tell their stories but I won’t use this forum to share them. I do want you to know that “las chicas” often have experienced very painful things that have shaped their lives. Only He can heal, and He chooses to use you and I to help bring that healing.

It is good to be here and be used!

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