Redemption:what we sometimes throw away has worth…even people

One of my favourite things to drink is an ice cold, ice tea. I especially like a cold can of it right out of the refrigerator. But once it’s been consumed all I have left is an empty can. There is nothing spectacular about it at that point, it is simply a reminder of what it once was.

I am reminded that we were all small children at one point and most of us had hope. But sometimes life can seem to empty us of hope and all we have left is a memory of what once was, or could have been. We can end end feeling empty, used or consumed.

Worthless, hopeless, useless, less, less, less

People are in need of being redeemed and given back their worth. They deserve to have hope, value and know they have purpose.

One area where those who are struggling daily can begin to find hope is by eating a meal. I am convinced that when you feel hungry, it can easily make you feel empty too. That’s another reason why we believe in feeding those in need, it begins to fill them with more than food.

Today when I took recyclable bottles to the redemption center, those old, worn out and used cans were redeemed. They had value again.

We would love your redeemable too. Just this morning those 410 bottles were redeemed. They were valued at $20.50 and when converted into meals, well we can feed 41 meals.

Please bring us your recyclables, we will redeem them. At the same time we will redeem lives!

You can also buy these coupons for pizza, with every one sold we can provide 10 meals to our Love Story!

Latest update: 6641 of 100,000.

Thank you

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