We had almost nothing left

I met these beautiful kids when I was in Honduras in July. They shared their stories with me and it touched my heart!

God has allowed me to connect with them over the last couple of months and we talk a lot about life. I love to encourage them and speak life and truth into them.

Last week I felt really led to send them a little bit of food. It wasn’t much really, right around $10 worth of food. I had a friend deliver that little bit of food to them on Thursday night. The first picture is from Thursday night when they received the food, the second picture is from when we met just 8 months ago.

Last night they sent me a message thanking me for blessing them with some food. Maria said, “thank you so much dad for sending us food. We almost had nothing left.”

This amazing young couple with their baby had very little, probably by yesterday they would have been without food.

What a blessing it is to help in some way. Our 100,000 meal LOVE STORY is to help people like my sweet family who have stolen my heart and caused me to pray very deeply.

We would be thrilled to have you join us. As of today we have a commitment for 7810 meals.

You can etransfer, write a cheque or make a cash donation. Tax receipts are issued as well!

Thank you!

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