A car exchanged for meals…really it happened

A friend approached me today to tell me she sold her used car in order to purchase meals for our 100,000 meal Love Story!

You read that correctly, I was presented with a cheque for $500 to provide 1000 meals. Basically, my friend exchanged her old car for 1000 meals. That is so amazing.

I love my friends compassion and commitment. It made me think about what we have that we are not using that could change someone’s life. We all have those things, I am sure I do too.

What can you and I exchange for meals? I know I will be taking a look around my house to see what I could exchange.

We now have 9,000 meals committed of our 100,000 meal vision. This is so exciting to see people getting involved and thinking creatively of what they can do.

Send me a message if there is something you can think to do to generate some funds or something you could exchange to assist.

God bless you all!

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