Dignity being restored

Dignity can be defined in a number of ways, one of those ways is “a sense of self worth, self esteem, self respect.”

I believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give to others is to help them stand straighter, to give them hope and to invest in who they are as individuals and as people.

Yuliedi in Dominican Republic, pictured above with one of her neighbours,struggles daily to have food to eat

I remember meeting Merlyn a few months ago on an impact trip to Honduras. She was a teen that was passing by on the dirt road and I began to talk with her. She was just learning English and could speak just a few words. Our conversation lasted maybe three or four minutes.

It was a few months later that we discovered Merlyn was in need of a sponsor to help her family, and help her work towards her goals, her dreams. Not being able to have an education, rips at a persons dignity. Not having enough food to eat tears at the heart and dignity of a parent.

Our Boaz youth decided to help Merlyn and her family. We decided we would invest in Merlyn’s life so she could go to school and have hope again. Her mom has hope again, you can hear it in their voices.

Today is Merlyns 15th birthday and she sent me a message this morning thanking me for changing her life, for helping her go to school, for giving her hope. That’s restoring dignity.

Merlyn is pictured above.

Yuliedi is a little girl in Dominican Republic. Her single mom and her two siblings struggle everyday. They often are without food, Yuliedi can’t really focus at school.

We want to bring dignity to more families. We want them to know they have great value, they are not forgotten and that they will know they are loved.

We need your financial support to do this! We need child sponsors, just $39/month. We want to feed more children, it’s only .50 cents/meal.

Click on the link provided and donate today:


If you want to wish Merlyn a happy birthday , let me know and I will pass it along

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