Countdown to Honduras…#9 teens lives changed

It is sort of like opening another window on a Christmas advent calendar, the ones with the chocolates in them. Each day you wake up, open another window, eat the chocolate and realize you are a day closer to the big event.

This is my adventure calendar and the date on the calendar is when we return to Honduras. The countdown is even more exciting than at Christmas time for me, because the window I am opening today is one I have already witnessed and one I know will grow.

Number nine reason I look forward to returning to Honduras is because of the life change I have witnessed among the teens we are blessed to serve.

I started Boaz Global over 7 years ago for the purpose of coming alongside of teens in challenging situations who just needed people to stand alongside of them, encourage them, love them and help them see how much God truly loves them.

Many of our teens we serve have had and continue to have very complex challenges before them. Yet, when they begin to understand their value, know they are not alone, have people believe in them and understand God’s plan for them…their hearts are changed.

I look forward to seeing once again many of those teens we have grown to love, and to get to know more amazing teens as God allows us to cross their path.

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